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The possibilities created by cloning are virtually endless. If perfect organisms can be cloned, life on earth can be perfected. Listed here are just some of the possibilities:

Good genes can be cloned to replace bad genes in a host cell. This therapeutic process of DNA cloning can be used to save many lives.
Genes from different organisms that improve taste and nutritional value or provide resistance to particular types of disease can be used to genetically engineer food crops.
If the low success rates can be improved (Dolly was only one success out of 276 tries), animals with special qualities can be reliably reproduced. For example, drug-producing animals or animals that have been genetically altered to serve as models for studying human disease could be mass-produced.
Endangered animals or animals that are difficult to breed can be repopulated through the process of reproductive cloning. An endangered wild ox called a gaur and an endangered wild sheep called a mouflon have already been cloned (in 2001) in Italy.
Therapeutic cloning technology may some day be used in humans to produce whole organs from single cells or to produce healthy cells that can replace damaged cells in degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's or Parkinson's.
If humans can be cloned, whole armies of the "perfect" people can be created. Although this idea sounds scary, it might well be possible some day.