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This website was created for a biology research assignment, assigned by Mrs. Iordanidis. The title "for dummies" is not meant to offend anyone. It should be noted that reading the information on this website does not make you a dummy.

(on the left in photo) So you wanna know about me, eh? Well I'm a Canadian (well soon will be) who emigrated from Pakistan around 3 years ago. My hobbies include cricket, badminton, video game development and creating websites. I go to Gordon Graydon Memorial Secondary School and am currently enrolled in the special IBT (International Business and Technology) program there.

(on the right in photo). Don't you just love my name? No, I'm not the famous boxer. My full name is Mohammed Ali Sibai. I'm a Lebanese guy who loves Gordon Graydon and the IBT program. My hobbies include sports like soccer and basketball and I love driving around in my awesome minivan. My favorite subject is, guess what? BIOLOGY!

Hope you like the site Mrs. I!

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